Mar 31, 2014

Take full advantage of your postal allowances without paying for excess weight

Reducing packaging and contents weight is generating a lot of interest in our Product Design Services, using lighter weight materials. Recent increases in postal rates have led to a disciplined approach to weighing up the options available.

There has also been significant interest in adding lightweight inserts to comply with the weight allowances and travel free to the point of delivery.

One example is a standard letter size can be 240mm x 165mm x 5mm with a weight allowance of up to 100g. The average letter weighs less than 20g, giving an opportunity for value added items to be included.

This has been taken advantage of by several customers with what we term as a Call to Action Promotion included in the standard letter packs.

Pop out fridge magnets in an A5 set weighed in at 18g to promote healthy eating in the most prominent food area, together with a new product we developed called MagTags, which was a series of menus, weighing 18g that could be filed onto the front of the fridge for retention and reuse. Two high visibility quick reference packs that travelled free with letter and coupons for the price of a first class stamp.

This was used at the London Olympics to allow key sponsors to include key fobs with unique QR Codes to register on-line to a campaign linked to the athletes. This was so successful that other events including the Commonwealth Games will be receiving additional information, which weighs in at less than 10g, to travel free, with the tickets.

A campaign to global high street retailers, with a two sided window sticker, weighing in at less than 10g, increased the on-line registration 10 fold, with High Street Visibility for free!

There are 4 categories of large letter with maximum dimensions of 353mm x 250mm x 25mm, that are all below the small parcel rates; 100g, 250g, 500g and 750g.

This works well with our A5 and A4 lightweight, slim pouch wallet and binder ranges, complemented with branded, lightweight mail packs that are designed to weigh in at the right rates.

Using any of the 4 categories of large letter you can easily work out the total presentation, contents, and postal packs to reduce unnecessary surcharges for overweight and oversized parcels.

10 sheets of A4 and 20 sheets A5 80gsm paper weigh in at 50gsm each!

20 sheets of A4 and 40 sheets A5 80gsm paper weigh in at 100gsm each!

30 sheets of A4 and 60 sheets A5 80gsm paper weigh in at 150gsm each!

This makes it easy to work out your allowance to add value to your next campaign or promotion.

If you are interested in receiving Post Friendly Samples please email us with your choice:

5mm Capacity Pouch

20mm Capacity Wallet

20mm Capacity Slim Ring Binder

5mm Capacity Post Pack

25mm Capacity Post Pack

Post Insert less than 10g

Post Insert less than 20g

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