Feb 25, 2014

Product Design and Technical Support

If you have a project that needs a design review, we can provide expertise, product design and technical support using our simple step process:

1. The Project
We listen and understand the key factors required through the supply chain, to reduce total costs and add value to the project.

2. Evidence
Benchmarking of materials, designs, processes, and computer aided design and technical knowledge, with proven performance to balance critical time constraints, value for money, ease of installation and effective brand communication.

3. Design
Product design/development – Designed for Purpose, Application, Distribution, Installation, End of Life.

4. Proof of Concept
Digital Production facilities to produce high quality samples for testing and approval. Specialist Software for special visual effects such as 3D, Animation and Holographic can be previewed on computer screen to provide guidance and understanding on how to make the most of Brand Design at the Creative Stages.

5. Approval
For Performance against set criteria and aesthetic/graphic contents (online proofing with complete transparency) Templates are provided for graphics to guarantee consistency and visual quality to the highest standard.

6. Manufacture
State of


the art production facilities on a purpose built single site location. Lean Batch Production through Automation and Fast Finishing. Print, Die Cut, Finish, Glue, Pick and Place, Coatings, Adhesives and Security Features.

7. Delivery
By managing materials, production processes and expectations, lead times are set and understood and met.

8. Stock Management
Completely managing the stock, materials, production and call offs.

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